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When Loot Crate first came to us, they were looking for a full-service event management company to simplify the logistics involved with a multi-show campaign, year after year. This being our specialty, we were of course more than happy to deliver.

Getting Creative: Exhibit Designs and Renders

When exhibitors attempt to tackle a multi-show trade show campaign, it is not uncommon to see multiple versions of one booth. Utilizing modular structures allows the ability to shift panels, swap displays and change the overall size, shape and feel of a booth from show to show. This was a common practice for Loot Crate. As a result, we've done countless custom booth renditions with Loot Crate. Here are just a few:

Lootcrate-trade show



When brainstorming Loot Crates design, our designers decided it was essential to incorporate their bold color pattern, and a square or rectangle footprint that matched their product.

As a subscription mystery box company, we landed on a design resembling the actual parcel Loot Crate ships to their customers. With the bold black and orange color scheme and an overabundance of Logos incorporated into each design, their booths were clean, clear and impactful on every show floor.



Hitting the Floor

By taking advantage of our turnkey trade show management, Loot Crate was able to spend exponentially less time on the show floor. This removed the hassle of tracking shipments, supervising labor, filling out paperwork and gave them an easy transition checking into hotels, stocking their booth, and finding time to eat.

This 20x30' trade show booth from San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con (respectively) was an adaptation of original designs. These booths were optimized for the show at hand. Comic-con in this case is a unique event that gives exhibitors the opportunity to build awareness whilst simultaneously selling product on a level no other show offers. Loot Crate decided they wanted a booth that could capitalize on both. 


This booth maximized its potential through one of the most important aspects of trade show booth design, custom fabrication. The hanging sign, lightbox, reception counter, and branded display cases were all made specifically for building awareness and brand loyalty. The press coverage and social media opportunities associated with Comic-Con virtually demands booths have photo opportunities. Loot Crate devoted plenty of space to this as well. 


Making it Theirs: Custom Pieces

Custom elements are key to making any booth stand out, and they're one of our favorite things to design and build. For Loot Crate, we fabricated a number of custom pieces that would help them showcase the underlining reason they exhibit - selling product.





Custom shelving is one of the staple features for drawing eyes to your goods. It not only puts products in a highly visible place but adds even more attention-grabbing power through differentiating oneself from what everyone else is doing.

The shelving we created for Loot Crate's 10x30' trade show booth at New York Toy Fair was simple, affordable and easily assembled yet still effective enough to give it that custom look that rented display cases don't offer. 

Both sets of shelves were accompanied by a 3D Logo. The Logos were fabricated using wood and not foam to ensure they could withstand the abuse multiple shows could potentially throw at them. 




To spice things up a bit, we fabricated a mailbox wall that took custom shelving to the next level. Like all custom exhibit fabrications, the mailbox wall was first drawn out as a concept, then 3-Dimensional blueprint. Once Loot Crate approved, we began fabricating. While not being the most intricate fabrications we've ever done, it was definitely one of the most fun. 




Another great way to show off your product is custom built display counters. The titanic proportions of a twelve-foot acrylic display make it impossible not to see. When you add LED lighting accents, it's a guarantee that every single person that passes your booth will notice you.

Loot Crate took full advantage of a number of key features we offer. This time at Wondercon with a 20x20' Exhibit. By utilizing our modular exhibit structure, we were able to integrate all the custom pieces we made for them. 3D letters, the custom shelving and that enormous glowing counter were a statement piece at this smaller but still heavily attended trade show. 

For shows that require a little extra visibility, we also fabricated a backlit, rotating hanging sign that had no problem gaining extra attention from afar. 




Adding Experiences: The Photo Op


One of the most popular experiences to offer, by both exhibitors and booth visitors, is adding a one of a kind photo-op. Getting visitors involved and giving them a memory to keep is a key to creating brand advocates and potential more word-of-mouth marketing. Using green screen technology allowed Loot Crate to change picture backgrounds on the fly. Show to show, day to day and even attendee to attendee photos could be swapped allowing for a one-time investment that delivered a much higher payoff. 

Full-Service Trade Show Marketing: Start To Finish

From our first show at Comikaze in 2015, through Toy Fair, New York Comic-Con, Fan Expos, Wondercons, all the way to San Diego Comic-Con, we've seen it all with Lootcrate. When we talk about experiences - most of the time it's from a marketing perspective, but that isn't the only kind we deal with. It’s been a great experience working with such an innovative company. Something we've been lucky enough to have the pleasure of doing on a daily basis for 20+ years. 


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