2 Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas to Rock Your Next Event

Building a Unique Trade Show Booth

When you walk into an exhibit hall there are aisles upon aisles of booths. The majority follow a standard formula. Square or rectangle, tables and chairs. These are the boring modular exhibits that get passed over and over unless there's something to really grab the eye. Whether it be bold branding, impressive tension fabric graphics, or most importantly a unique design, there is a huge importance of having creative trade show booth ideas and vision.

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2018 New York Comic Con Booth Recap

Over 10 straight days of trade show event management accounting for approximately 1,600 employee hours worked, 4 football fields worth of trade show freight, 14,600 square feet of exhibit structure built, and 8 total New York Comic-Con Booths. A busy NYCC is an understatement... but we’re not complaining.

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8 Ways to Design Your Trade Show Booth

The average trade show has dozens upon dozens of booths. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your overall booth design has to have a number of elements that make it special. You have a very limited amount of time to grab the attention of event attendees.

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2017 New York Comic Con Booth Wrap-up

A busy week at NYCC17’ indeed for Marketing Genome! 8 straight days of work and 8 separate Comic con booths and displays. We’re so proud of our work and the success of the show, we decided to show it all off. Here’s a little snippet of the action from NYCC17. Enjoy!

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3 “Above-Average” Exhibit Options For Average Exhibit Budgets

Hear the term “Custom Exhibit Fabrication” an automatically see dollar signs? You’re not alone! Truth is huge island exhibits –we’re talking the 50x60’s 30x40’s, Double Deckers and Canopied Booths here, with all the bells and whistles are in fact outrageously expensive. But one thing is for sure… they have impact.

Like opening your hotel balcony door and looking over a 100-mile mountain vista, these booths drop jaws! But how does the average event manager get the same reaction with an average event budget? How does one get that custom look without the enormous price tag? Below are some “Realistic” alternatives to getting that custom look without the custom price tag. 

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3 Future-Proof Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

From a run of the mill, everyday product to the groundbreaking, tech advanced gadget, often times it’s not the product itself that sells but rather the ingenuity behind how it’s displayed. If you are worried that your booth design and it's displays someday becoming obsolete, here are a few new and unique trade show booth design ideas to future proof your investment. 

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Making A Free 3D Booth Design Worth Your Time | 3 Important Considerations

Trade show booth design is a vital part of the industry without which booths wouldn’t look half as amazing as they do today. But before we take a step into the future, a brief history lesson; Tradeshows were birthed from industrial revolution of the late 1800’s. When typical brick and mortar storefronts alone did not provide enough marketing authority to compete with big box retailers. 

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Trade Show Planning | 6 Vital Checkpoints

Even the most experienced trade show exhibitors can find it difficult to properly plan and orchestrate their participation as an event vendor. For first- or second-timers, it can be especially daunting. Fear not! We put together this article on a few trade show planning objectives that ALL exhibitors, seasoned or not, should try to hit, including; Goals Setting, Show Attendance Assessments, Budgeting, Timeline Planning, Exhibit Selection, Shipping & More.

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Unique Trade Show Display Designs | Outside-The-Box-Ideas

As our trade show industry grows it simultaneously progresses. Booths get larger, taller and increasingly intricate, technology gets insane (we are blown away by the advancements of the past few years) and ideas keep getting more and more innovative. So how do we compete?

To develop a unique trade show display, and I mean “unique” the exhibit design needs to be like nothing that’s been seen before.

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The No-Nonsense, One-Year Trade Show Strategy Plan

Take it from a seasoned trade show manager; It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to properly prepare for a trade show. Successful trade show strategy plan is not something that’s done in a month or two. The exhibitors that are under that impression are the same ones you see on the verge of tears 2 hours before the convention doors open.

To curb prospective exhibitors from unplanned psychosis we published what we believe to be a solid 6-phase trade show strategy plan designed to help you have a stress free event and fully maximize your desired ROI.

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