Trade Show Planning | 6 Vital Checkpoints

Even the most experienced trade show exhibitors can find it difficult to properly plan and orchestrate their participation as an event vendor. For first- or second-timers, it can be especially daunting. Fear not! We put together this article on a few trade show planning objectives that ALL exhibitors, seasoned or not, should try to hit, including; Goals Setting, Show Attendance Assessments, Budgeting, Timeline Planning, Exhibit Selection, Shipping & More.

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Unique Trade Show Display Designs | Outside-The-Box-Ideas

As our trade show industry grows it simultaneously progresses. Booths get larger, taller and increasingly intricate, technology gets insane (we are blown away by the advancements of the past few years) and ideas keep getting more and more innovative. So how do we compete?

To develop a unique trade show display, and I mean “unique” the exhibit design needs to be like nothing that’s been seen before.

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The No-Nonsense, One-Year Trade Show Planning Timeline

Take it from a seasoned trade show manager; It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to properly prepare for a trade show. Successful trade show planning is not something that’s done in a month or two. The exhibitors that are under that impression are the same ones you see on the verge of tears 2 hours before the convention doors open.

To curb prospective exhibitors from unplanned psychosis we published what we believe to be a solid 6-phase trade show plan designed to help you have a stress free event and fully maximize your desired ROI.

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11 Trade Show Booth Ideas To Beef-Up Boring Modular Exhibits

 Plain and simple. We put together 11 common trade show booth ideas that in unison or on their own can dramatically beef up standard modular exhibits.

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7 Tips for A Themed Custom Trade Show Booth Design

Effective advertising is built around themes. Themes are the sun upon which branded advertising, campaigns, and slogans revolve. Thus, it should come as no surprise that building a themed trade show exhibit is an excellent way to visually reinforce your core message via a physical and immersive environment. Consider the following key beginner tips to incorporate themed trade show booth design:

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Are You Smarter Than An Exhibit Rental?

I’m sure you are. We wouldn’t dare call our readers dumb! Let’s approach this question slightly different, as not to offend; “Is your current trade show exhibit strategy better suited for an exhibit rental?”

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Sprinkling Trade Show Magic With Experiential Events

Trade shows are great. We can vouch for that. In fact, “67% of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies.” (Exhibit Surveys, Inc.) Can’t argue with those numbers! But what if 67% isn’t enough? What if you just prefer round numbers like 70%, 80% or even 90%? In essence, what converts that remaining 33%?

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5 Exhibit Fabrication Combos To Up Your Trade Show Game

Do you even exhibit? Yeah, I’m sure you do and that’s why you’re reading this but how good is your trade show game? Is that exhibit just getting your brand by or are you using every exhibit fabrication method possible to compete with the big boys? To ensure you are exhibiting at a competitive level we put together a few of the following exhibit fabrication methods whose powers combined, will ensure you have one solid kick-@#$ exhibit…Bro!

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3 Brand Identity / Trade Show Booth Design Injections

A coherent, recognizable, and memorable corporate image is a must for effective trade show booth design. Having your logo and brand name prominently and uniquely displayed increases audience awareness and reinforces your company's identity. If you’re struggling to find ways to creatively inject brand identity into your trade show booth design check out some of these excellent how-to examples:

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Shaping The Perfect Brand Experience Through 5 Experiential Marketing Campaigns

As a experiential marketing agency, we’re always blown away by the look on customers faces when they finally get “hands on” with our clients product or service. It’s not something they get to experience from the other end of a computer screen and we feel this is a one main key to the "human experience" as well as an incrediblally powerful marketing strategy.

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