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Below you will find a variety of trade show and experiential marketing case studies. Our case studies should inspire and shape your future marketing efforts. We can help you plan, create, and execute a custom experience designed to draw attention and reinforce brand messaging.

eMLS | ATL Retail Pop Up Shop & eSports Gaming Arena

Similar to the PAX East eSports Gaming Arena we recently ran, the competition along with the retail pop-up store, broadcast booth and photo-op were all held in one contained area. The main lobby floor served as the optimal location for this event with the objective of capturing as much foot traffic as possible.

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Bandai | SDCC Outdoor Marketing Display

When Bandai came to us with an idea to model an enormous outdoor marketing display after their hit TV show Dragon Ball Z we were chocked full of ideas and had more than enough experience to tackle the job (which included one very long trip to Japan).

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eMLS | PAX EAST eSports Gaming Arena

eSports is blowing up! And the eMLS Soccer League is a pioneer in the industry. So, when they needed a custom eSports Gaming Arena built out for PAX East in Boston they commissioned the pros here at Marketing Genome.

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Henkels & McCoy | IEEE PES 2018 Denver

When Henkels & McCoy, a premier utility infrastructure network provider reached out to us for a custom 20x20' trade show booth we answered with a one-off exhibit fabrication and design that would stand proudly amongst their peers at the 2018 IEEE PES Conference in Denver.

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Park Mobile | IPI Conference 2018 Trade Show Booth Exhibit

A Dedicated Meeting Space & Demo Area, Full Wall Double Faced Lightboxes, 5-foot Interactive iPhone App Replica, 3D Hanging Signage, Custom Greeting Counter and Much more for this custom trade show booth exhibit for Park Mobile at the IPI Conference and Expo.

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HBO | Room 104 Series Premier Party

What better way to promote a new series than to engulf series premier VIP's directly into the set of the show itself? Experiential marketing all the way. So when The Syndicate came to us for a partnership in recreating an interactive set replica from the recently premiered HBO series, Room 104 we were more than willing. And we are not just saying that because they are an awesome team to work with.

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Sony Pictures | Spider-Man Experiential Display

As both experiential and trade show marketers we love booth ideas that can tackle both spectrums of marketing. So you could imagine our elation when Sony Pictures reached out to us looking for a completely outside-the-box idea for a Spider-Man Homecoming New York Comic Con Booth and Experiential Activation.

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Digital Trends | CES Trade Show Booth

When Digital Trends stepped outside the web for a way to further expand their footprint they turned to Marketing Genome. By reserving exhibit space at the CES tradeshow 2017 in Las Vegas, Digital Trends could not have chosen a better trade show. For a convention of this magnitude, making a huge impact was critical. This came in the form of a completely custom trade show booth with all the bells and whistles. Something we do especially well.

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Universal Studios | Jurassic World Exhibit Display

To promote the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release Universal Studios commissioned Marketing Genome to design, fabricate and manage their over the top Custom Experiential Display. In the end, the Jurassic World Gates were much more than a custom display. It was a meeting place for lost families, a backdrop your best selfie ever, a chill down the spine of first time attendees, an example of where the industry is heading, one epic product promotion and most of all, another evolution of where Marketing Genome can take your brand.

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Cool Effect | SXSW Lite-Brite Wall

Whether you’re onboard or not, the green movement is in full effect and nowhere else has that become more apparent than at SXSW Eco. So when Cool Effect, a leading organizer of carbon-cutting projects reached out to us to create a one-off experiential display, we were thrilled to join the movement.

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NARR8 | Trade Show Booth and iPad Display

Narr8 produces an extensive list of interactive comics, books, and novels. We created a custom installation in order to get the attention of over 100,000 attendees at New York Comic Con. This larger than life 10-foot-tall interactive iPad and the booth design that surrounded it was a hit. The interactive iPad continually drew in crowds and photo opportunities during the 5 day show.

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Dark Horse Comics | Comic Con Booths

Dark Horse is one of the largest publishers of comic books in the United States. We consistently team up with Dark horse to generate their trade show experiences through out the country. Most notably, we produce their 50’ x 70’ booth at Comic Con International in San Diego, California. This unique exhibit engages over 100,000 attendees from various points on the show floor and allow for maximum traffic flow.

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SEGA | Pop Up Shop Arcade

Sega is one of the leading interactive entertainment companies in the world. When they asked for a Pop-Up shop during San Diego Comic Con, we delivered. We came up with a concept, scouted the location, and executed. We transformed an empty retail store into a fully functional, booming arcade in 2 days. Over 53,000 people experienced the SEGA Pop-up Arcade during a 5-day period.

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Konami | Custom Exhibit Fabrication

Konami is a worldwide gaming juggernaut claiming the fifth-largest gaming company in the world. We’ve helped them launch countless events ranging from massive gaming tournaments to show-stopping booths complete with competitive arenas. Konami’s island exhibits are often constructed with modular metal extrusions, presentation stages, custom hanging signs, and high-end displays for gaming tournaments.

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Tiësto | Custom Pop-Up Display & Store

Modeled to represent Tiësto’s image, came the fabrication of a modern, irregular-shaped Custom Pop Up Display Store and what better place to best promote the DJ himself than during the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), one of the worlds largest electronic dance music festivals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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