Vendor Coordination Trade Show Management


A crucial part of a successful show is proper vendor coordination. During the trade show management process, vendors are used to execute different tasks for the exhibit as well as provide products for the booth itself. Because vendor coordination is extremely crucial to the exhibit production process, selecting the right vendors to work with ahead of time becomes an important process as well.

At Marketing Genome, our stellar vendor coordination starts with our small network of trusted vendors that we go to for our trade show management needs. This could range from exhibit manufacturer, lighting, A/V, booth furniture and any other booth components that are requested by our clients. By knowing that our network is trustworthy and reliable, the vendor coordination process becomes much easier and saves us time that we can devote towards other operations for the show.

Selecting The Right Vendor

Selecting the right vendor to use also depends on the location of the show. Marketing Genome has exhibit manufacturers on both US coasts, which gives us the ability to assign the project to the vendor who is closer to the show, which will ultimately bring down your shipping charges.

Websites and organizations that provide detailed trade show and convention rules, regulations, and calendars include the TSEATSNNConference HoundExhibitrac and Expo Promoter. Proper vendor coordination starts with understanding what is going on in the production world. Monthly newsletters from the TSEA and TSNN keep our company abreast of any changes in labor negotiations, shipping regulations and other important news regarding the trade show industry.

On the global spectrum, similar trade show event calendars are provided by AUMA, which is the German Trade Show Industry hub for shows throughout Europe. Additional trade show marketing resources can be found on the ICEEM website as well as BPA Worldwide.


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