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Over the years Marketing Genome has provided thousands of highly qualified booth staff models, brand ambassadors, emcees, presenters, hosts/hostesses and costumed characters for trade shows and conventions around the world.

Booth Staff Polite Professional and Reliable
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Reliable Booth Staff For Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are highly competitive, as you are vying for the attention of the attendees with the neighboring booths. They are also one of the costliest marketing expenses for many companies. Sometimes what separates the ones with a large gathering of people that is creating a lot of buzz and chatter to another with just a few people with no buzz is the staff.

The booth staff who attract attendees to your booth, engaging them, turning out a high volume of leads, are critically important to maximizing your investment. The majority of visitors to your booth will typically form an impression of your brand or organization based off the staff they interact with. Your success depends on executing quality face-to-face conversations with visitors.

Not Just A Pretty Face

We've learned that it's not just the prettiest face (or as some people refer to them as 'booth babes') that will get you what you are looking for. As an official representative of your brand, you need to make sure that your ambassador represents the company in a positive light and expresses the message of the company in a way through which consumers can gain a clear understanding of your brand.

Whether they are doing product demonstrations or passing out samples, they should have an understanding of the product, as well as you do. This is not an easy process, but an important one as a brand ambassador is a key piece of the overall puzzle when relaying brand-messaging points.

Our booth staff go through a "boot camp" where they are required to know the material and pass tests prior to being hired for your event. We hire the staff depending on the brand that we are working on. The same people that are hired for a beer brand will not be hired for a dish washing detergent brand as we are talking to a different crowd.

Polite, Professional and Approachable Booth Staff

Our customized booth staff training teaches the fundamentals of face-to-face interaction while also implementing a systematic approach to the psychology of engagement. We train our staff to be polite, professional, approachable, how to initiate conversation with visitors, and being prepared with good opening statements that will pique the interests of passers-by.

Marketing Genome Project has a commitment to provide polite, professional, approachable booth staff for your next event.



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