Park Mobile | IPI Conference 2018 Trade Show Booth Exhibit


The Booth


The IPI Conference 2018 is the world's - yes world's - largest event for parking and transportation professionals. So when Park Mobile decided they wanted a custom trade show booth design, they contacted Marketing Genome for an island booth space packed full of features that were sure to make an impact at the show.  



Our trade show booth design team did not disappoint, including features such as:  

•  Dedicated Meeting Space & Demo Area

•  Full Wall Double Faced Lightboxes

•  5-foot Interactive iPhone App Replica

•  3D Hanging Signage 

•  Custom Greeting Counter 

•  and Much more 




Interior Features






Interior booth lead-gen features ranged from App Sign-up and Demos all the way to dedicated meeting tables and greeting counters.

The carpet was spruced up with road lines to complement the island space, create a more inviting thoroughfare and tie together the branding. 

SEG Fabric graphics were all tucked inside our modular frames creating seamless walls with 4K imagery.

We also added a full 30-foot overhang with integrated lighting to create a more warming ambiance. 





Fabric Lightbox & Graphic Accents


It's widely known statistically that attendees almost always turn left so the LED exhibit lightbox wall was strategically placed on a leading outside left edge in an effort to draw attention to all foot traffic.


Interactive iPhone Exhibit Fabrication


We tasked our exhibit fabrication team with the task of replicating a larger than life iPhone to demo Park Mobile's App. We were very proud of the results. The replica was flawless sans a charging cord.


Full-Length Back Wall 


The full 30 foot back wall was also draped in single seamless SEG Fabric Graphic. The perfect opportunity to state some smart messaging and entice curiosity. 


Hanging Signage and More


The 20x30 exhibit was crowned with Acrylic 3D lettering and rotating hanging signage

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