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With over 11 years of industry growth, Digital Trends (DT) was founded with one simple mission: to help readers easily understand how tech affects us. They live, breathe and love anything tech. This is the main reason why they so simply and clearly communicate their passion.


So when Digital Trends decided to exhibit for the first time ever at CES 2017 they turned to Marketing Genome. For a convention of this magnitude, making a huge impact was critical. This came in the form of a completely custom trade show booth with all the bells and whistles...something we do especially well.




 Custom exhibits do not come without their own set of challenges and this was no exception;

(1) First and foremost was deciding on what functional needs took priority and furthermore how to incorporate said needs all in a 10'x20' exhibit space.

(2) Digital Trends headquarters are in Portland, OR, and if you have ever been, it is one of the coolest cities in the US. They wanted to have that fun, quirky atmosphere come though in their booth, while still maintaining a slick, contemporary “CES-like” feel. Creating that atmosphere was not the hard part, fitting their numerous needs into a 10’x20’ exhibit space was the difficult part.DT-CES-Booth.png

(3) After numerous concepts of 3D booth designs were presented, we landed on a winner that accomplished all of their objectives. We did not begin exhibit fabrication until Digital Trends was fully satisfied that the design would fit their needs.DT-Renders-CES.jpg



DT-CES-Materials.jpgWorking with Digital Trends was a true pleasure. They gave us the ability to flex our creative abilities and explore ideas we've never attempted in the past. A constant flow of collaboration made the project even more enjoyable. This gave us the opportunity to dive deep into who they are as a brand and translate that brand into a comprehensive exhibit design. 

We were charged with creating an interesting enough space that would pay homage to their Portland roots while still maintaining a position as a worldwide industry leader in their respective space.

Through the use of varied textures, colors and furnishings our exhibit designers married a modern and rustic pacific northwest feel to create an environment that embodied the fun and whimsical culture of the company. Through clever layouts we still maintained a professional and authoritative presence that’s needed to compete within their industry. 

Overall we created an environment that drastically stood out unique among hundreds of traditional Consumer Electronics Show exhibits that weren’t willing to think on a new level.



We love a challenge and this project was full of them. We tackled everything from endless trade show booth ideas to first-time exhibiting anxiety.

Not that any seasoned design team hasn’t worked through similar challenges, but this combination of parameters was uniquely challenging. Most specifically- the ability to live stream interviews, incorporate essential technology, lighting, cameras, as well as a way to connect with attendees all in a  smaller, 10'x20' space.


At the end of the day, the CES trade show in Las Vegas worked out great and we consider ourselves lucky to have a client who liked working with us hand in hand to produce an unforgettable event. We are looking forward to next year.

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