The X Syndrome: Can Recycled Content Come Back to Haunt you?


You're just catching your second wind career-wise and the future seems bright. Your education and hard work is beginning to payoff in spades. Then like a missile from totally off the radar, your digital marketing is sent reeling. You just realized, a little late, that information you rushed together for a last minute report, has come back to bite you like a crazy x with your credit card number. It was based on bad assumptions or outright falsehoods. The 'would-a,' 'should-a,' 'could-a's' are tearing through your mind at this very moment.

Keep-Content-Fresh-with-these-Four-TipsWhat should we do for an insatiable master, known as "fresh content," in the midst of a cultural information feeding frenzy? The first thing you have to realize is that when you bargain with the devil, you'll likely be invited to a barbecue - and you're on the menu! You've just been burned by poor inbound content strategy or, maybe there was no strategy at all.  

Often times a lack of strategy will lead to desperation and desperate times call for desperate measures. An inbound strategy of recycled content  becomes your new M.O.. Hey, your wife would be beside herself if she caught you reusing water bottles out of the garbage can so why wouldn’t Google be mad if they caught you pulling content out from god knows where? If you’re in marketing, sorry to say Google is your wife and there is no prenup. She will get everything.

Yes, you and your company need increasingly fresh content to maintain industry relevance, but never should it come at the sacrifice of virtues such as trust and honesty. In today's fast-paced, get it done yesterday, approach to life, you need lifelines for integrity-filled information. And yes, they do exist.

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Because the world is moving so fast with its informational desires, no one can be expected today to be good at their business and an expert in "inbound content strategy." For some of these digital and social media content companies, the old paradigm known as "interruption marketing," is no longer effective. Considered a dead art by these companies, they focus on using web and social content to build long-term relationships that in turn translates to long-term revenues and ROI

Everyone wants to buy, but few want to be "sold." We are solidly in the age of building long-lasting web-based presences in opposition to the torrent of factory-styled websites.

If you have no way to gauge the success of your marketing efforts, you are simply throwing good money after bad into the pit of desperate desire. That is not controlling or managing anything. Step into the new marketing reality of 2015 and you will be well rewarded and ahead of the pack.




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