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Get people excited about your Product Launch

The ideation, management and execution of your product launch is one of Marketing Genome many areas of expertise. We specialize in the event management of groundbreaking product launch events for our clients, ensuring that they receive the desired publicity and buzz they are looking for.

Product-LaunchProduct Launch Strategies to Maximize Exposure

We know creativity is central to all the events we plan and make sure that when a consumer steps into the event they are totally immersed in the brand. Product launches can take place in any number of different venues and are specifically designed to meet the product/brand attributes and event requirements. We take the time to scout each location to make sure that it will fit within those requirements.

Combine this with our attention to detail and constant pursuit of perfection means that event management for your product launch will be immaculate. With Marketing Genome, size doesn't matter, as we have managed events of sizes varying from 10 people to hundreds of thousands.

Marketing Genome fully recognizes the importance of time when creating, planning and executing any event. We believe that the effective management and efficient use of the time available is critical to successful product launches. Product launch events have a very specific purpose, that of creating awareness and publicity for the product and the brand.

One of the greatest secrets of a winning product launch is in building excitement and creating a demand for your product or service before it is readily available to the buying public. By staging a product launch event in which a select number of influential consumers gain information and access to your soon-to-be-released product, you help to fuel the feeding frenzy among their peers and contemporaries.

We have also established relationships with media companies and media agencies, and bring this network to our product launch events. This ensures that our clients receive large media coverage of their product launch.

Successful product launches have a direct effect on the immediate and post-launch sales of the product and brand. As we are very aware of this fact, we make sure all the activities involved in creating the product launch focus on this end-goal.

We focus on building relationships with our clients rather than just 'managing an event'. We believe that is the key to ensuring an event meets the clients' goals and requirements. This is particularly true in the case of product launches. We ensure we understand the message our client wants to associate with the product, as well as the values attached with the product and the company.

We invest significant time in the process of understanding your product or organization and develop a strategic approach to developing a product launch event that will resonate with your specific target. Our approach is 100% focused on maximizing your product and brand exposure. Contact us today to start planning your product launch event.



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