Experiential Marketing Agency in NJ


We are a full-service Experiential Marketing Agency in NJ that specializes in further developing the brands of our clients through unconventional experiential marketing programs.

Experiential Event Marketing

Marketing Genome offers an array of services that include experiential marketing, trade shows, mobile tours, street teams, PR stunts and many nontraditional marketing programs. What separates Marketing Genome from other typical experiential marketing agencies in NJ is that M/G creates programs that have never been seen before rather than just piggybacking ideas from other agencies. We pride ourselves on our unique and creative programs that truly bring about a favorable response from attendees of our events.

Creating An Engaging Experiential Marketing Program

Marketing Genome specializes in experiential marketing, which translates to "creating an experience" for consumers or attendees where they are engaged on several different levels and are left with a lasting positive message of a particular company or brand. This is also called response marketing, where the goal of the program is to get attendees to be further interested in a product or company. Being one of the top experiential marketing agencies in NJ is a continuously learning experience because of the ever-changing consumer, no matter the target market.

Experiential marketing programs connect with a person in two different ways. The event itself and the message being presented not only trigger a certain positive response from a person but also stimulate their senses. At the Marketing Genome we aim to become the leading experiential marketing agency in NJ by creating an experience that is both unique and most importantly have not yet been seen before by the public. This type of response marketing causes a person to stop in their tracks and immediately become curious and intrigued by the sights and sounds in front of them. Once a person is engaged, the event must successfully deliver the desired message of the client to the consumer that can be easily understood and deciphered.


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