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Leading provider of lightweight modular trade show booth exhibits and displays. Reduce your drayage with our modular booth system. Serving cities nationwide from CA to NYC.

  • 20 x 20 Custom Booth
  • Aluvision
  • Unique Trade Show Booth
  • Modular Trade Show Exhibit Display
  • 10 x 20 modular custom booth
  • Lightweight Booth Exhibit
  • Custom Trade Show Booth Exhibit Display
  • Lightweight Trade Show Booth
  • Easy to Set Up Exhibit
  • Unique Trade Show Exhibit
  • Cool Inline Booth
  • Custom Booth Exhibit

Lightweight and super easy to install. Our versatile system offers infinite design capabilities and allows the use of SEG fabrics, hard panels, curved walls, and illuminated graphics. Endless configurations allow you to expand or reduce your footprint.



Meet our modular exhibit and display system. This metal extrusion is made of anodized aluminum which makes it extremely durable and lightweight. Among other advantages, this frame system offers numerous design capabilities that allow you to scale up or down whenever needed.  


    Modular Exhibit Design Gallery

What makes it versatile?

  • Accepts both hard panel and SEG fabric panel applications

  • Tooless connecter system speeds up I & D labor by as much as 30%

  • Can be reconfigured and scaled as your needs change show-to-show

  • Multiple shapes/sizes with curved and straight panels 

  • Holes in the extrusion allow for integration of lighting, monitors, and all other wire management

  • Anodized finish resists chipping, peeling, or corrossion

What are Modular Trade Show Booth Exhibits? Prefabricated exhibit systems that are reconfigurable to create different displays for a variety of floor plans and sizes. Our modular systems are made of extremely lightweight and durable aluminum, which often save our clients on operational costs (material handling and labor). This versatile system can also utilize fabric as well as hard panels.

Need more inspiration? View unique designs here!

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