Engage Your Guests with Digital Graffiti Walls

Digital Graffiti Wall

A digital graffiti wall is an interactive technology system fused with street art that comes together as a highly engaging illuminated wall. This technology allows for a unique graffiti experience with a digital twist. This innovative experience is ideal for opening events, trade shows and brand promos. Interactive graffiti walls generate a wow factor for your event with the illuminated art produced by your guests. Digital graffiti walls will entice people to come together and try the new technology first hand. This type of attraction will generate buzz with a variety of people that will be more engaged at your event. Digital graffiti walls are an excellent way to lure consumers and possibly land new clientele for your company.

This technology is expanding in popularity quickly and has become an exciting attraction for many events and expos. The digital spray cans allow users to try out a fun way to paint on a virtual brick wall, photograph or other backdrop. It is also a way for expert graffiti artists to show their talents in a safe and accepted way. This is as an activity that creates a powerful impact and gets guests involved.

The HD resolution projection system allows for large graffiti walls of 6 x 10 feet, with only a few feet of depth of wall. The technology allows for many different spray brushes, paint splatter and virtual spray stencils that are available for everyone to use.

The finished product can be printed and distributed to the guests for an awesome memento. This is as an excellent advertising strategy because the images can be printed on almost any surface such as t-shirts, key chains and more.

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