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Custom Modular Display client


You name it – Tata does it; Automotive, retail, finance and in this case, communications. So when the Tata’s Communications branch, needed a custom modular trade show booth, we were happy to deliver.

Preliminary Renders

Having worked together on several different projects, we were familiar with the features they tend to include in their exhibits. Following our typical trade show booth design process, we started with preliminary 3D booth renders that focused on a few specific features, including;

  Custom Modular Display Drawing•  Lighted curved canopies
  •  Inviting reception counters
  •  Plenty of meeting space
  •  Semi-private partitions
  •  SEG fabric graphics

A modular booth design was also needed to accommodate a multi-trade show schedule. In this case, a combination of our Aluvision and Agam modular extrusion was a perfect fit for the booth structure and displays (respectively).Custom Modular Display Render


The Final Design

Once Tata reviewed the preliminary concept, we made a second round of adjustments and began final renderings and frame drawings. These changes included one less canopy to allow for separate storage, private meeting and break space.Custom Modular Display Rendering


Custom Elements

Curved Canopies

From the start, there were "must have" custom elements Tata requested to have in their trade show booth design. The curved canopy was clearly one of them. And for that reason, it was made a prominent focal feature of the booth.Custom modular display canopy





Custom Acrylic

Another important element was the custom acrylic panels. A world map was specifically etched for Tata to display the connections they've made across the globe.






Greeting and Display Counters

Finally, matching greeting and display counters were branded to entice attendees to their booth, book meetings and chat all things Tata.




The Final Product

Upon final approval, all of the custom elements were fabricated. When complete, we had a one of a kind trade show booth design that delivered both the client’s vision and embodied their brand identity.custom-modular-display-tata


Our Thoughts

Show after show, year after year, Tata's booth and our relationship has stood the test of time. Working on projects as minimal as supporting graphic designs and email campaigns all the way to activations and large scale booths, we are ecstatic to have had the opportunity of working with one of the worlds largest multinational business conglomerates.


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