eMLS | ATL Retail Pop Up Shop & eSports Gaming Arena



The eSports Gaming Arena

eMLS-_-ATL-Retail-Pop-Up-Shop-&-eSports-Gaming-ArenaSimilar to the PAX East eSports Gaming Arena we recently ran, the competition along with the retail pop-up store, broadcast booth and photo-op were all held in one contained area. The main lobby floor served as the optimal location for this event with the objective of capturing as much foot traffic as possible. Branded four player stations with exhibit backdrops presented an interactive and social ambiance. 


Inside The Locker Room 


A complete MLS locker room replica was installed as a compliment to the MLS eSports gaming theme. It also doubled as a lounge for restless gamers, fans and brand ambassadors to converse, snap a photo or just kick back and relax for a bit.  


The Photo-Op


What experiential event is complete without a photo-op? We beefed up a standard photo booth with a custom fabricated "ATL" Backdrop. A full-sized goal made for the perfect spot to set-up a greeting counter for photo booth operators.  


Retail Pop-up-Shop


It's all about the money, right? A little MLS retail pop-up shop was the perfect solution to get that added revenue out of the experiential campaign. Neon signage seems to be a big trade show and event trend right now. So we took complete advantage with a six foot MLS and Adidas emblem, and accent lighting for MLS merchandise. 


We love building out experiential marketing events that incorporate all our favorite trade show ideas and features. Retail pop-up shops with more space give us the chance to blow out what we'd normally do on the show floor. Gaming arenas are becoming more prevalent at trade shows and experiential events as well. Photo booths - we think - will always be a solid brand awareness tactic no matter what the event is. Social Media is just too powerful! 

In this age of massive tech booms and social connection, eSports is on fire and we're happy to be along for the ride! In this case - the driver's seat. 

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