E3 Trade Show Booth Fabrication for 505 Games

E3 Trade Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center

E3 Trade Show BoothE3, aka, Electronic Entertainment Expo is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. E3 has been around since the mid 90’s with its core focus on gaming, eSports production and interactive technology. While E3 is mainly an industry show it has opened its doors to some of the public in recent years.

Tens of thousands of Gamers, Buyers, Retailers, Educators, etc. attend E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. All of them from over 100 different countries. Trade Shows at the Los Angeles Convention Center are fantastic to work in. First, it’s only hours away from Marketing Genome’s warehouse. Second, it’s in the southwest section of Los Angeles so there is plenty to see and do. Third, the LACC is one of the largest convention centers in the United States with over 700,000 square feet of exhibition space.

The layout of the hall is fantastic, as-is the space for parking, meeting space, loading docks, and has some of the best WiFi technology and food courts to offer. The E3 trade show is definitely one worth exploring which is why our client, 505 Games, decided to take part as one of the marquee exhibitors.


E3 Trade Show Booth Renders

E3 Trade Show Booth

505 Games decided to take one of the larger meeting spaces at E3. E3 has a lot of trade show booths on the show floor and it can be quite overwhelming (in a good way). However, the meeting space offered a more personal and private experience than a traditional E3 trade show fabricated booth. The environment was welcoming, functional, cost-effective, and it was on brand. Even more, the attendees loved the experience.

In order to accurately reflect this experience we had to start with the 3D renders of what the E3 trade show booth might look like. Marketing Genome strives to make all of our renders as accurate as possible. As you’ll see the E3 trade show renders we did for 505 Games did indeed do that.


E3 Trade Show Booth

E3 Trade Show Fabrication

It all starts with the top down blueprint of accurate measurements in order to begin fabricating this trade show booth for E3. We use those measurements to dress the room with our modular trade show booth system. They can be easily customized. Once we figure this layout, we then had to get to work to add all the bells and whistles which included:

  • Meeting space was with modular trade show booth components. Areas around exits/entrances had to have customized framing.
  • Modular walls were made with SEG fabric (some printed with a custom concrete finish), acrylic, printed aluminum dibond, etc.
  • Custom reception desk with faux wood, 3D logo letters, and black laminate.
  • 3D channel letters made from acrylic (CNC routered).
  • Custom gaming counters with wood grain vinyl wraps.
  • Doors with acrylic.


E3 Trade Show Fabrication Brought to Life

E3 Trade Show Booth


505 Games’ event was catered to the fans of E3 with plenty of activities for all to enjoy. The trade show space consisted of:

    • Reception desk upon check in.
    • Private meeting rooms with couches, coffee tables, and playable gaming consoles.
    • Private meeting rooms with circular tables, chairs, and playable gaming consoles.
    • Open meeting rooms with couches, sofas, end tables, etc.
    • Team gaming rooms for 3 versus 3 action.
    • Food and beverage station.
    • LED TV’s for gaming and video content.
    • Storage room for client’s personal belongings, equipment, and marketing materials
E3 Trade Show Booth


Final Thoughts

We are no strangers to E3 and gaming companies alike and although designing, fabricating, managing and executing private spaces are less common, they too are in our wheelhouse. Turnkey event management takes something a little more than what the standard exhibit house provides. We pride ourselves on taking the steps to ensure our events like the 505 space run without error and look forward to doing much more of its kind in the future. 

  • E3 Trade Show Booth
  • E3 Trade Show Booth
  • E3 Trade Show Booth
  • E3 Trade Show Booth
  • E3 Trade Show Booth
  • E3 Trade Show Booth
  • E3 Trade Show Booth



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