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Whether you’re on board or not, the green movement is in full effect and nowhere else has that become more apparent than at SXSW Eco. So when Cool Effect, a leading organizer of carbon-cutting projects reached out to us to create a one-off experiential display, we were thrilled to join the movement.


The Project

The strategy and sole focus of the custom booth design was to create an environment that could not be ignored. An exhibit was designed that was so visually engaging that it was guaranteed to peak interest, promote interaction and leave attendees in awe of something they have never experienced before all neatly packaged in an inviting 10’ x 20’ floor space.


The Design

The first step before we started booth fabrication was (as always) multiple 3D booth designs. We always bang out as many as we can in order to provide our clients with with different ways they can display their brand. In this case, we settled on putting the most focus on the lite-brite wall itself. Cool-effects-sxsw-tradeshow-booth-11.png 

The Features

Rather than simply donating to carbon cutting projects the attendees were given the opportunity to interact by placing their very own peg within an over sized Lite Brite - making their own impact on the planet. At the end of the show all of the attendees lights came together, one by one, to make the wall glow representing their joined forces. Untitled-1.png


Cool-effects-sxsw-tradeshow-booth4.pngThe Purpose

The idea was to provide donators with something more than just a thank you. It was to create an environment where they can see their strength in numbers and that they are not alone in the cause. By looking at the map at the end of the show it was clear that they are many strong. The exhibit and campaign was a huge success! 


Our Thoughts

Everyone from our designers to our fabricators loved this project due to the uniqueness and challenge involved. Not that we haven’t tackled features like this in the past but we always enjoy the challenge to merge visuals, functionality, messaging, engineering, client direction and the always present restrictions from the show decorator.

The focus being the lite-brite wall itself, we dedicated a lot of time to figuring out how many pegs would actually be needed. This was based on a number of factors; How many attendees (donators) will actually donate and have a peg on the wall? How many pegs would be overkill? How many would be too little?

We settled on - and hand counted, drilled and fabricated- around 1200 pegs. At the end of the show close to 2/3rds of the wall was lit up. This was proof that the booth did exactly what was planned. It was attractive, interactive, inspirational and gained plenty of donations.Cool-effects-sxsw-tradeshow-booth3.png

When something like this comes together it’s really worth all the challenges- it becomes a sense of pride in accomplishment. We love challenges, we love unique  and we always support green initiatives, something the tradeshow industry really could use more of. Cool Effect at SXSW did not disappoint!Cool-effects-sxsw-tradeshow-booth5.png

COOLeffect_logo (1)-584281-edited.jpgMoving Forward

So what happens to the exhibit after the show? Does it go to a landfill like the majority of trade show booths? We are happy to say that we are looking forward to doing more shows with cool effect, reusing the amazing features this exhibit demonstrated and reducing our carbon footprint all in one shot.  

Cool Effect's SXSW trade show booth really shined bright with the expert help from our booth designers and exhibit fabricators here at Marketing Genome!



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