Bandai | SDCC Outdoor Marketing Display


The Outdoor Arena


Often times our clients take an experiential approach to their trade show booth designs, Pop-up shops and Activations. The HBO Room 104 Premier Party, Spiderman Experiential Display and Jurassic World Exhibit Display all mirrored their space after a scene from the film. This was no exception. When Bandai came to us with an idea to model an enormous outdoor marketing display after their hit TV show Dragon Ball Z we were chocked full of ideas and with a little help convert communications? from had more than enough experience to tackle the job (which included one very long trip to Japan).



The outdoor space was located directly behind the San Diego Convention Center. A spot that gets tons of foot traffic - optimal for all the features the marketing display had to offer which included:

•  Multiple photo-op props and displays

•  A wide range of life-sized mannequins and statues

•  Three-story stage and tower

•  Indoor area in case of foul weather

•  Acrylic podiums  

•  Modular Trade Show Booth Exhibit Structure

•  Much, Much more


The Characters


With all the cosplay of SDCC, The Dragon Ball Z characters had to be spot on. And they were!  Made from a wide range of modeling materials they were all handcrafted and painted. They looked as good from one-hundred feet away as they did up close and personal.


The Structure




Southern California has beautiful weather 90% of the time but we weren't about to leave that precious 10% to chance. 


Flanking either side of the main tower were two covered space where giveaways, demos and lead retrieval devices were all stationed.


It of course never rained but it also doubled as a great spot for attendees to step out of the sun and Bandai to capitalize on some awareness. 








Lined along the outside modular structure was an overabundance of trade show display cases housing every last figurine and piece of branded collateral form the show.


The supporting outside brick walls were covered in our printed vinyl graphics. A very close match without the weight. 









The Results of an Outdoor Marketing Display


Close to 200,000 in attendance at this years' SDCC and that's not including the surplus of curious peoples coming to witness the extravaganza. This Outdoor Marketing Display got a workout an stood up to the task and will continue to do so as it makes its tour throughout the rest of the country.  

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