Did You Get A Horrible Quote For Your Trade Show Booth Design Ideas?

Planning a trade show exhibit? Aim not only making a striking first impression, on the crowd, but also a tool that will draw people in to hear your pitch. You'll need something in the realm of a great presenter, performer or other key attractions amongst a host of other materials to help your business stand out. Remember to try and include these keys but, also keep in mind the baseline items below.

These tips will help you get the best quote possible to leave room for your additional trade show booth design ideas.

Don’t Pay Too Much


By sticking to a budget for each trade show or booth you coordinate, you should be able to get all the materials you need for your trade show booth design ideas without spending more money than your business can afford. Plan to spend a large portion of your budget in any of these five categories:

•     Venue
•     Special Attractions
•     Program
•     Promotions
•     Miscellaneous Items

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Get Everything You Need

As you’re paying the fees and purchasing the supplies to make your trade show booth design ideas a reality, remember to get everything you need for the big day. Organize each item into the six categories to help you stay under budget.

  • Venue Costs: Space rental, furniture rentals, equipment rentals like display screens, microphones, decorations and signage.
  • Special Attractions: performer, speaker, celebrities and other offerings.
  • Program Costs: Labor, travel and accommodations for your special attraction and employees/staff.
  • Miscellaneous Costs: Name tags or badges, printed agendas or programs, stationary and pens or pencils, swag like stickers or keychains, and anything else you need.
  • Shipping and Drayage: Shipping, storing and moving show materials can add up quickly. Have a budget and keep on top of it constantly.


Consider Trade Show Rentals

Are your expenses adding up too fast? Then consider renting the materials you need for the trade show. By renting the equipment you need instead of buying, you can save a lot of money. Here are just a few rentals that might help your trade show booth design ideas be more affordable:

exhibitrentaljpg-662587-edited•     Screens, projectors and displays

•     Tables, counters display cases and other materials

•     Cameras, lighting and sound

•     Signage and banner frames

•     Walls, doors and shelving

Using these tips, you can put together trade show booth design ideas that will effectively market your products and services while having a minimal impact on your bottom line. 





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