How to Find The Best Exhibition Display Services in The Industry

Whether you're a giant company, small business or a budding start-up preparing for a trade show or convention can be daunting. Each event has its own challenges and sometimes you need a little bit of help wading your way through the world of unique trade show displays and event management. That's where exhibition services comes in, and we're here to get you from conception to reality. Here are some tips to help you choose the right exhibit display services.

1. Do Your Research



Everyone and I mean everyone, can have a flashy website these days. Don't get dazzled by logos and pretty graphics. What you want to look for in an exhibition services company is proven case studies and success stories. Look at their portfolio. Look at what kind of presence they keep on social media. See if their mojo is similar to yours. The best business relationships are made when everyone is on the same playing field.



2. Make an Exhibition Display Services Check List

Your brand and strategic objectives should be communicated to the companies you are receiving quotes from. An exhibit display services check list can help accomplish this. At the end of the day, knowing your companies overall vision can help partners stay on track as your project develops. If there are essential elements associated with your brand (a logo, mascot, specific color, tagline, etc.) that you need in your event design, make it clear in the first meeting so that nothing essential gets missed in the process and can be incorporated into the design.


Not sure where to start?

We have a number of resources dedicated at helping first-time, experienced or just plain stressed exhibitors.





3. Have a Budget in Mind

It doesn't matter if it's planning the family vacation or business expenses, budget is an important subject, some would say THE most important. Establishing a budget is one of the first things you should do, since staying in budget is critical for the overall success of any business. Giving your team a budget gives them a clear idea of what is possible.



4. Be Open to New Exhibition Display Ideas

Convention and trade show attendees see a lot of booths, with a lot of information being thrown at them. You need to stand out to lure people to your space and remember you beyond the show. There are many creative individuals in the exhibition services industry. You may be surprised what might come up in proposals which may not line up with your exact vision, but give it some thought before you shut it down. An objective eye might see things that you don't, which could lead to a more creative exhibition design, which in turn will get more people to wander to your booth. So giving your exhibition display services team some creative freedom to think outside the box may very well end up being to your benefit.custom-booth-fabrication-alternatives3


5. Have a Solid Goal

There's a reason why you want to go to this trade show, and it shouldn't be to get out of the office for a few days. All kidding aside, focus on the reason you're going to the show. Is it for brand awareness? Is it to get leads? Is it to gain more traffic on your website? Your goals when communicated effectively can have a tremendous outcome and affect the design and marketing of your display services. When it comes to exhibition display services companies, all are not created equally, so explaining what your goal is will only help your results regardless of who you ultimately choose.tradeshow-goal-planning




6. Read up on the Exhibition Display Services Industry

Like the cliche goes, "knowledge is power". The more you know about the exhibition services industry, the more you can use it to your advantage and collaborate more effectively with your exhibition display services team. You can find some great info on the exhibit and trade show industry through Exhibitor Online.


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