Convention Planning | How Google Glass Could Change Your Convention Experience

Convention Planning and Google Glass

When the world figured out Google’s new pet project (aka how they plan to take over our lives), artist Martin Missfeldt explained some of the Google Glass specifications through an infographic (it’s more of the technical stuff like how it actually works, so if you’re a science or technology buff you’re definitely going to want to check it out). In the last few weeks, more specs have come out, like the fact there won’t be any ads, and there will be a prescription option for those who wear corrective lenses (Yes!). Also, this week it was announced that Google Glass is about a year away from the hands of consumers. Despite some people ragging on the design, it’s still a really cool gadget that could change how we interact with the world, trade shows and convention planning included. If Google Glass becomes mainstream as smartphones have become, here are some speculations on how it could change the trade show industry.

Interactive Maps at Conventions

It’s yet to be seen whether or not part of the Google Glass specifications will have the ability to pull up documents from Google Drive. We already know that it can give the user directions on the fly, and I suspect most of the Google services will be available eventually through Google Glass. This could change how convention planning takes hold since the audience would be able to have a map right in front of them. Of course, you could do that now with good ol' paper or even smartphones, but those aren’t hands free. Convention go-ers could pull up a map, through a file on Google Drive or the Convention website. If it's the latter, said map could have real time updates of events.

A Different Spin on Real-Time Updating

Google has already put out the guidelines to developers for apps, and I’m going to guess the major social media networks have already started to develop an app to run on Google Glass. If the major social media networks do create apps, you can update without the need for typing, making sharing that much easier, for consumers and hopefully extending your efforts online. Again, with smart phones real-time updating is already a possibility, but this makes it easier and the real difference would be the point of view in terms of recording videos. For example, if you want to interview someone interesting who comes by your booth (a hardcore fan or celebrity maybe) all you have to do is turn on the camera with a set of voice commands. However, unlike most interviews, the viewers would see the person you’re interviewing but not you, and sharing the experience almost exactly as you see it.

A Whole New Crowd

Anyone who uses Google Glass can share what they’re seeing with everyone else they know, real time through Hangouts. So not only will you have people on the floor experiencing your booth, but the people they might bring along with them for the ride (virtually). This means, the potential for exposure would be higher than ever before. Not only would your convention planning have to include something to excite people on the floor but excite the people who are watching along with them. You could also potentially have a business meeting right on the spot with a client and his/her colleagues, which sounds really daunting, but something that’s better than getting leads is actually getting business done at a convention.

The verdict is still out on whether or not Google Glass will replace the smartphone. It’s already caused a lot of concerns about privacy and one bar has banned the glasses already. It’ll also be interesting to see if they are allowed on convention and trade show floors, and if planning will change as a result. If it stays at it’s $1,500 price point, which it sounds like it might, my guess is that everyone will stick with their iPhones and Androids. However, in the coming months and years they make the glasses more accessible to the average consumer, I might just have to eat my own words. It could definitely change how we experience and document all kinds of events, planning for a convention and beyond.

How do you think Google Glass could enhance the Trade Show and Convention experience?

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