3 Primary Keys To The Inbound Sales And Buyers Journey

Understanding the process a buyer uses to make their choice is important if you want to achieve more from your inbound sales strategy. The three main stages of the buyer’s journey to act on are:


  • Recognition of a need by the customer (Awareness)
  • Figuring out what is required to fill the need (Consideration)
  • Putting the solution into action (Decision)

Recognizing a Need

When a customer knows there is a problem, they will immediately start trying to figure out what exactly is wrong. You can entice customers at this stage by offering content such as blog articles, product reviews, or an eBook.

Gathering information to figure out exactly what they need, is what the customer is doing. Basic information is what a customer needs right now, if you can provide that to them, there is a good chance they will stay with you through the rest of the buying process.

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Determining What Needs to be Done

At this stage, a customer knows what type of product or service they need, but are not quite ready to use their credit card yet. More in-depth research will be done here to determine which option to go with.

The Complete Guide to Unifying Your Sales and Marketing Efforts By something on your website such as an expert guide, you build rapport with the customer, encouraging them to stay on your website for the final phase of their buying process. At this point, they may be willing to spend more than a few minutes doing their research, which means a video may play a part in pulling in these prospects.

Following Through with a Solution

This is the most important part of an inbound sales funnel. You want to make sure that your customer has everything they need on your website in order for them to complete the sale. This means giving them a trial download or a live demo of your product if it is online, or helping a customer to choose between a couple of different brands or options if it is something tangible.

Keeping your customer on-site is key since they are about to actually follow through with the sale. They should have the option to buy right in front of them and should be steered towards your product with something like a case study, or perhaps offering them a free trial.



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