We’re Marketing Genome Project. A leading experiential marketing agency that brings brands face-to-face with consumers. We are designers of experiences and architects of ideas, pushing creative boundaries and shaping the brand experience. We work directly with brands and agencies. We are based in New Jersey, but you will find us throughout the country, at any given time.

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Some Happy Clients

It's much more than just creating events. In both the physical and digital world, you need to take your brand from passive presence to active engagement. We have helped some of the biggest names in the world produce unique, memorable interactions through unconventional strategies that gain consumer exposure and establish brand value.

Konami Trade Show Display Gameloft Trade Show Display Archaia Trade-Show Display Turtle Beach Trade Show Display Sonic Emotion Convention Display Dark Horse Comics Convention Display Triforce Convention Display Sega-Event-Management Twisted Pixel trade show display Convention Display Berverly Hills Pollo Trade Show Display Big Tent Entertainment Trade Show Display Narr8 Trade Show Display